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Tonight in my PLN on Twitter (#flipclass), we are flash blogging on the topic of helping students avoid procrastination during big projects.

One way that I try to help students avoid the pit of procrastination is through weekly conferences and daily monitoring. Students are also responsible for a checklist which is a daily visual reminder or their progress, or lack thereof.

I have found that when students are procrastinating it is often because they have hit a wall and cannot generate new ideas to move their project further; if this is the case, I will help students re-brain storm all of their original ideas, get back on track, and remember the direction the train was going in in the first place.

There are times when students may need to change topics all together to avoid any further procrastination. If a student has lost all steam or enthusiasm for their topic, I will suggest an overhaul! Depending on time, this may or may not always be doable.

We all work differently, and some of our students are procrastinators and always will be! I am definitely not a procrastinator, so it does really make me nervous for these teenagers who do not fully know to manage their time to push projects to the last minute; to accommodate for my procrastinators, if the project finds itself completed on time, I will not penalize students for not meeting prior due dates.

“Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today”

B. Goza


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