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Teaching is difficult, so it is important to do things that keep you motivated and energized; one way that I keep my energy and motivation is by going to conferences! Conferences are perfect for learning, sharing, and connecting.

This year has been a difficult year for our program, so 2 of my colleagues/very good friends and I decided to go to the SC International Reading Conference held in Myrtle Beach. What is better than going to the beach with your friends to learn more about our profession from other talented professionals? Not much. We all really needed the conference to revitalize us, get us back in the game.

First of all, I love keynote speakers; and,if done correctly, the keynote speaker gets me pumped for the entire conference. I was really inspired after leaving the first keynote session, and with that, I headed to my first session which was all about PBL. I am very into learning more about PBL and incorporating it into my #flipclass! I learned a few new things, but mostly I felt that the speaker already said a lot of things I already knew about.

That night my friends and I reflected on our sessions and realized that we were choosing sessions that we already knew a good bit about, but it’s because we are really interested in those topics and really want to grow in those areas. So, I decided maybe I shouldn’t always go to sessions about things I know some about if I don’t want to be completely bored.

SCIRA is a fairly small conference, so there wasn’t much to choose from on the last day except for 2 flipclass sessions, and from the previous night’s reflection, I didn’t really want to go to another session that I thought would be giving me a lot of information that I had heard many times before, but I went to those sessions anyways. BUT, I am so glad that I did for 2 reasons: 1. I learned a lot about new websites/techniques to use in my classroom regarding stations, flipclass videos, and new websites. 2. I met Carla Jefferson, a fellow flipclass chatter; she was the presenter. I am still so stoked that we were able to connect at the conference.

I went right back to school and implemented some of the things from Carla’s session and have had a lot of success with my students, and this rough year has turned itself around.

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